Studio Circus Ramp Racer


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Studio Circus Ramp Racer

The Studio Circus Ramp Racer is a wonderful way to teach your child social and motor skills through group activity and cooperation. This brightly coloured, traditional toy includes three racing cars each with their own special character for the kids to pick their favourite. 

Pick up speed and zoom down the ramps as fast as you can, and share an exciting ride together imagining the crowds of spectators cheering you on as your car flips and tuns from ramp to ramp. Race to the finish line or take your car for another spin from the top. 

So why not gift this delightful Ramp Racer for their Birthday or Christmas this year. We know they will love it as much as we do! 

The Ramp Racer is made from FSC approved, 100% natural wood in order to protect the future of our planet. Additionally, water based, non-toxic paints have been used to add colour to this beautiful toy. 

Studio Circus Ramp Racer Product Information

  • Measures 30cm x 22.5cm x 3.3cm 
  • Made from ethically sourced, FSC approved 100% true wood
  • Suitable for children aged 3+
  • Painted with non-toxic, water based paint

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