Reserved For The Cat Cushion


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Reserved For The Cat Rustic Cushion

The Cat can now reserve their favourite chair or spot on the sofa thanks to this rustic cushion. This timeless cushion is perfect all year round, and will let cat know just how loved it is.

This rustic cushion is perfect as a gift for a birthday or for Christmas for anyone in the family who is mad about cats.


Material: Polyester, Viscose, Linen

Dimensions: L50 x W30cm

Colour: Cream & Black

Product Care:

Please only spot clean your rustic cushion! It can’t handle being put in the washing machine. It’s sensitive!

We recommend using a damp cloth, with a small amount of cleaning detergent, rubbing and dabbing gently on the stained area. Making sure not rub too vigorously as to damage the material.

Dry your rustic cushion by hanging in a well ventilated area, away from open flames.

About Sass&Belle:

All sparked in 1998 and inspired by travelling and exploring new locations, and experiencing good fortune in a festival Sass&Belle launched their first collection.

Sass&Belle lovingly design all kinds of wonderful products for mum, dad, brothers, sisters and everyone in between. Hoping to add a dash of happy and a sprinkle of smiles to each and everyone of their collections.

About Us:

We are a family run business and we love what we do. Carefully selecting quality products to suit, you, our customers.

From home fragrances to witty cards and scarves and rustic cushions. We have everything you need to gift to anyone, for any occasion.

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