Malva Glass Tealight Holder


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Malva Glass T-Light Holder

The Malva T-Light holder is a small, glass holder for your t-lights. Made in a pretty red stained glass with bevelled edge and shaped glass sides this item looks beautiful on your hearth and adds to festive decoration throughout the home. This T-light holder is the perfect size and shape to hold standard t-lights or small candles. These beautiful holders protect your surfaces from the overflow of wax while enhancing the warm glow of your candles. 

The shaped malva glass refracts the light ensuring that your autumnal glow reaches every corner of your room. 

Malva Glass T-Light Holder Product Information

Colour: Red
Material: Glass

To keep your Seashore T-light Holder looking its best, put a candle in it. To clean, use hot soapy dish water with a soft cloth. Allow to drain dry. To remove excess wax pour boiling water into a larger container. Sit the candle holder in the water (pop a weight inside if needs be) and allow the wax to slowly liquify before decanting away the excess. Once drained, clean as normal. DO NOT WASH OR HANDLE GLASS DURING TEMPERATURE CHANGE WITHOUT USE OF RUBBER GLOVES OR PPE. 

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