Honeybee 7PC Stationary


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Honeybee 7PC Stationary Set

The Honey Bee Stationary Set is an adorable 7pc stationary set with Bumblebee theme. Contains 7 items including pencils, erasers and even a pocket sized notebook. Perfect for long car journeys or taking out on their adventures to make notes and draw pictures. This set is the perfect accompaniment to their school pencil case or for school trips where a handy but compact stationary set will be of great use.

Honeybee 7PC Stationary Set Contents

  • 2x pencils
  • 1x 6″ ruler
  • 1x sharpener
  • 2x erasers
  • 1x mini notebook

Product Information

To minimise the chances of broken pencil lead, sharpen with care.
If there is resistance, remove pencil from the sharpener and check there are no shavings clogging up the blade. Check the pencil nib for any shards of wood or substantial chips; if there is, ask an adult to shave this away using an appropriate bladed tool.


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