Cream Metal Spiral Burner


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Cream Metal Spiral Burner 

This Cream Metal Spiral Burner is the perfect gift for those who enjoy luxury home fragrances and wax melts. Standing at approximately 22cm height this beautiful piece is not just functional but decorative; adding an elegant touch to the warm, comforting ambience created by a candlelit room when in use. And, while not in use this piece is attractive as a stand alone ornament with its delicate swirled metal shape. 

Holds one tea light at the base, meanwhile the glass wax bowl is a perfectly comfortable size to burn 1 large wax melt. 

Gifting ideas 

This beautiful piece is a fantastic gift alone but is best paired with a selection of wax melts from any one of our luxury home fragrance ranges. Alternatively, why not consider a second burner to be placed either side of a fireplace or hearth. 

Cream Metal Spiral Burner Product Information 

Approximately 22cm height. 
Holds 1 tea light. 
Capacity 1 wax melt. 

To clean your Metal Spiral burner first separate the glass bowl from the metal body. Wash the bowl in warm soapy dishwater using a soft dishcloth and wipe both faces. Allow to drain dry to avoid streaks or fingerprints. 

Simply dust the metal stand. If absolutely necessary to remove a build up of wax overflow, fold a piece of high absorbency kitchen roll and wrap/lay over the wax mound. Take an iron on high heat and softly press on the kitchen towel. This will melt the wax beneath and draw it up in to the kitchen towel. 


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