13.5cm Clear Glass Candle Stand


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Clear Glass Candle Stand 

This clear glass candle stand does exactly what it says on the label. It is a stand, made for candles that is (incidentally) made from glass. Sturdy, functional and attractive, the clear glass refracts the warm candlelight giving a soft, autumnal hue to the room. Measuring 13.5cm in diameter this sweet candle stand can be used to place large T-lights through to substantially sized pillar candles. Most importantly, this item will both enhance the look of your candles once lit; but also protect your surfaces from damage or being covered in melted wax. 

Gifting ideas 

Gift this lovely glass candle stand along with one of our fabulous scented candles from Woodwick, Yankee or Purcell & Woodcock. Or with a burner and wax melt selection of your choice. Our home fragrance range has something for everyone and comes with a 100% guarantee to make your loved ones smile. 

Clear Glass Candle Stand Product Information 

Dimensions: Measures 13.5cm diameter, 1.6cm depth. 
Materials: Glass 

To clean simply submerge in warm, soapy water and wipe thoroughly with a soft cloth. Allow to drain dry to avoid prints or streaks. To remove stubborn wax handle with rubber gloves and gently pour boiling water directly on to the wax build up. DO NOT HANDLE GLASS WHILE HOT OR DURING EXTREME TEMPERATURE CHANGE as glass is prone to shatter while in this state. 

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