Christmas Mice Wooden Hanging Decoration Assorted


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Christmas Mice Wooden Hanging Decoration Assorted

These cute Christmas Mice Wooden Hanging Decorations make a fantastic addition to your Christmas. Delicately cut and layered to create a 3d effect , there are 3 designs to collect! Each Mouse is holding a gift and has a hanging string for easy display on your tree.

What is Christmas?

Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. Predominantly a Christian festival, and celebrated by billions across the world Christmas is associated with the giving and recieving of gifts! Also known as Noel, Nativity, Xmas and Yule, this is an exciting time for young and old alike!

Many also decorate their homes, but where did this tradition come from? Decorating homes started as a pagan tradition. They used the green leaves of the evergreen trees as a symbol of life amid the dark, cold winter months. This has evolved over the years into the fun decorating of a Christmas tree and Yule displays seen in homes across the world!

These Christmas Mice Wooden Hanging Decorations brings this full circle with the stunning scene incorporating a tree! These decoratios would make a fantastic addition to the Xmas decor, and will definatly be treasured for years to come!

About Us

Our aim is to source quality, quirky and unusual gift items designed to make the recipient smile. And Christmas has always been a huge part of this. We are constantly on the look out for interesting items that we know our customers will love. We start early in the year, with one Christmas bearly over, we start planning the next! Its a good job we all love this magical time of year! We always have new products and as always our very popular items sell out fast!

As such you are sure to find the perfect gift for any family, friend or acquaintance  or decorations such as these Cute Christmas Mice Wooden Hanging Decorations this Yule!

Merry Christmas All!!


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