Happy Birthday From The Cat Tag


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Happy Birthday From The Cat Tag

A keepsake Birthday Tag from The Cat. Trust me, Cats love to celebrate their owners Birthday’s. This hanger is exactly what they would want on their gift – if they could buy it!

With a cute kitty shaped cut out highlighting the text this Cat Tag will look great on any gift. Additionally the cordinating ribbon with cats printed on it makes it easy to attach.

Also, just to make things even better, the Cat Tag is printed on both sides. Making it purrfect for hanging as an attractive keepsake. Ideal to remember how much their pet loves them!

Tie it to a bottle of something nice, or attach it to a special gift. The Cat hanger is sure to make anyones day.

Make any gift look amazing with the addition of this. Or alternatively it can also be given as a stand alone gift for mum or dad to hang up all year round!

Perfect for the cat lover from their feline companion!

Don’t have a pussycat? We also have a Happy Birthaday From the Dog Tag. Designed just to make sure pawfect pooches can show their love too!!

Made in The UK

The Happy Birthday From The Cat Tag has been designed and made in Surrey. Once manufactured we complete the label by hand tying the ribbon for a fantastic look!


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