English to American Translation Card


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English to American Translation Card

Do you know someone who gets confused by some of our terminology here in England? This English to American Translation card might just help!

This card is part of our extremely popular Beautifully Blunt Range. Additionally this card comes with one of our signature Brightly Coloured Envelopes – personally chosen by Elise

About Morning Cuppa

Morning Cuppa started with cards. The concept? A range of Bright, Bold, Rude (sometimes Crude) and extremely funny cards. as a bonus these cards are designed and printed in the UK with the sole purpose of making people laugh. And it worked. With a massive range of cards covering every occasion, you will be sure to find the perfect one, if the English to American Translation Card isn’t it!

As well as these delightful slices of portable humour, Morning Cuppa also produces a huge range of additional items. These include cushions, coasters, Mugs and Face Masks as well as much more!.

All Morning Cuppa Cards are Made in the UK, using top quality printing and the latest in Print technology. You can feel great about buying this English to American Translation Card!

The English to American Translation Card makes the perfect greeting for almost any occasion, funny, current and alcohol related, whats not to love?

Our Goals

We are constantly looking for New and Exciting products for our customers. Additionally we source as much as possible from the UK to reduce environmental impact and support our economy. This English to American TranslationCard is a perfect example of this.

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