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Millefiore Means a Million Flowers and these beautiful, colourful candles and diffusers really deliver their scent!

Millefiori-60 575x360

Millefiore Reed Diffusers

Millefiori reed diffusers bring intense fragrance and vivid colours into the home in a elegantly designed glass blottle.

Millefiori reed diffusers have the advantage of 250ml refills being available for the whole range.

Air Design glasses are available in several shapes and colours: a modern and distinctive solution to diffuse your style in your spaces.

Colourful Design

A lively and colourful range of fragrances, perfect for adding a personal touch to any home.

Scented Atmosphere

Lighten up your space with colour and fragrance: lose yourself in the atmosphere of Millefiori candles.

Discover eighteen refined and lively colours and fragrances which will delicately decorate your space and will bring to life your scented moment of style.

Millefiore Hydro

Millefiore Hydro adds that perfect touch to any room.

The elegant water diffuser is enriched by the chromatic sequence of the lightening which creates a relaxing and delicate atmosphere.

With a wide collection of water-soluble fragrances which melt into the water, allowing for rapid and effective dispersion, this is perfect for filling the home with enriching scent!